Acho que vou fazer daqui so game of thrones. ❤️

melhor, de séries haha


Anonymous asked: Can you make icons of Emily Osment sad / crying in the movie Cybur Bully, please.

Hey babe, I haven’t found the screens, if you have a gallery and you can send me… I only found the stills :)

I’ll take a break here. I need time for me. Sorry.

I’ll miss you guys. Love ya. ❤️

Pack Screencap Teen Wolf - By Color-edits 

No pack contêm 400 screencaps de Teen Wolf do Season 1,2 e 3 espero que gostem e que seja útil .  

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Anonymous asked: Hey can u make icons of Kylie Jenner in her bikini from Instagram and headers to please love u 😘

Done sweet <3

Kylie Jenner


New theme with header <3 
Anonymous asked: omg the headers are so awesome<3

thaaaaanks <33

Anonymous asked: Peter Facinelli Headers? c:

I admit that I didn’t find any updated gallery :(, so Google saved my life :) they are here.